Books I’m Gonna Read

Reading. Is there any better way to avoid doing the things you’re supposed to be doing? In High School my friend Laura used to loll about reading Camus instead of doing her homework. Here are the books that I have queued up:

The Secret Keeper. I’m actually on page 289. I’m hooked! Recommended by my Aunt Cindy who is in a real book club and has the same taste as me.

French Women Don’t Get Fat. This book has been around for a while. My mom sent it to me.

Dharma Punx. Written by a guy I know.

Complaint Free World. I’m looking forward to re-reading this. It’s great.

Game Change. Recommended by a very bookish, very politically savvy friend.

The Chaperone. I think Aunt Cindy told me about this one as well.

Books I already done read.

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