Day One

Magic Kingdom
Fast pass: big thunder mountain railroad. Fun!
Dinner res: 1900 park fare at grand Floridian – not great food. Princess photos were awkward. Overall kind of depressing ambiance. Plan 1.5 hours to get from resort to resort
Other rides & attractions: stitch’s great escape (skip it), tomorrow land speedway, pirates of the Caribbean (fun, you’ll get wet but dry fast), Swiss family treehouse (kind of boring), Tea cups (I didn’t throw up!)
Lunch: pecos Bill. Really good fajitas
Notes: worth packing: spray fan, filter water bottle, individual snacks, band aids.
Took midday break back at hotel pool (goggles good to have). Reapplied sunscreen and no one got burned.
Hats and sunglasses for everyone.
They have a Starbucks on Main Street as you enter MK. you can use one of your snacks for a coffee. Coffee in the hotel is gross. Got Starbucks instant coffee packets at grocery stop.

Day Two

Fast pass: mission space. Intense. Choose green not orange. Very cool but barely managed to not puke.
I used my quick meal to get a breakfast sandwich and iced tea at Starbucks.
Lunch at American part “liberty inn” place. I didn’t order anything but ended up eating steak, fries and broccoli that jack didn’t eat and fried shrimp of Nora’s. Cool inside. Easy to get table. Friendly and accommodating. Let Jack get adult meal.
Dinner res. Coral reef. So disappointing. Waitress was rude and unhelpful when we said Nora had peanut allergy. Didn’t seem to like kids at all. Aquarium was very cool but we were seated far away. I ordered a salad as a meal and she said it couldn’t count as my meal I would have to pay extra. I realized later she charged me for my drink and dessert, too. I can only guess she wanted to allow me to use my table service meal later, but I would not ever have an opportunity to do that. 🙁 I ended up going back and complaining and got a refund for my meal.
Rides. Long wait for test track. Was super fun for the 5 minutes you’re on the roller coaster type ride part. Spaceship earth in the golf ball was fun and a short wait and the project tomorrow arcade at the end was a big hit. Movie shorts were entertaining. Living with the land pretty cool for the gardens. Circle of life was kinda dumb. The seas with nemo and friends and aquarium afterwards was really cute/fun. We stayed for fireworks at 9 pm (AWESOME) and got right back to bus and then hotel. Shoes: Kids liked the splash features. Jack ended up getting his feet wet and we didn’t realize it. He had *really* wrinkled feet at the end of the day. Nora blew out her flip flops and had to get new ones in a gift shop. I ignored my instinct to bring my flip flops. I wore converse and socks. I took off the socks and my feet hurt sooo much by the end of the night. I used band aids. Still hurt. So bring a change of shoes. Two days so far lugging around ponchos and didn’t need them. Get a filter straw water bottle.

Day Three

Animal Kingdom
So much hotter today
The first thing we did was hightail it all the way to the expedition Everest as fast as we could and only had like a 30 or 40 minute wait. The Himalayan/Tibetan/yeti themed exhibit style wait line was pretty cool. The roller coaster was very fun.
Finally got some rain and broke out the ponchos. Tim made fun of me and scoffed and said he didn’t need one and that it would stop as soon as we put them on. And it did. Still not sure we needed to schlep them around every day. My back pack has come unstitched in so many places. Ready to trash it.
Brought flip flops for everyone and only Nora changed into them. I wore my nikes instead of my converse and my feet felt fine. Still hard to be on your feet so much and I couldn’t do a whole day and night like yesterday. Shin splints.
Lunch at Tusker house was AMAZING!!!! That place is my dream restaurant. A buffet of every kind of ethnic cuisine. African and Indian etc. so many options and all so delicious the only bad thing is that I only have one stomach. Wait staff were very friendly. The waitress sent the chef out to tell us what had peanuts and it was only one dessert. Saw Donald, daisy, and goofy in safari outfits but the kids weren’t all that excited about them. Kind of. It was a nice diversion. Had to stop shoveling food into my mouth to take photos.
Did I mention it was hot? Like Africa. The whole animal kingdom has a very fun jungle, Africa, origin of life kind of vibe that I really liked. It was just so damn hot. I sweated like a hundred gallons.
We did the Kilimanjaro safari ride. The line wasn’t too too long. Well worth it. It was like a safari. :). The driver was very funny. We saw rhinos, hippos, elephants, zebras, giraffes, warthogs, spotted wild dogs, lions, baboon-type things, flamingos, wildebeest, etc,etc. quite surreal.
It finally came time to do out fast pass for the day: dinosaur. And we waited a while. And then it broke down. And we got ushered out and given vouchers. And then it was downhill from there. Tim and I got in a fight, the kids got upset and we went back to our hotel. Once back we regrouped and finally motivated to go the pool and then it really rained. We waited about 10 minutes and just went anyway and it was as if it wasn’t raining. Even with the thunder everyone was at the pool swimming. We went to the nemo pool which look really cool but is really just a very warm swimming pool. Oh and it has underwater music. We got dinner using our quick meals at the Art of Animation’s “landscape of favors” since lunch at the Tusker house was our table service meal. It was crazy the way you order and I about gave up but it turned out to be quite good. I ordered the “make your own pasta” and got gelato for desert. Read to the kids and they fell right to sleep.

Day Four

Hollywood Studios
Much cooler today. There was a tiny shower that we mostly missed. Very little waiting today.
We got to star tours first and it was very fun simulator type ‘ride’. Went from there right to frozen singalong (which I had researched and added to our schedule, knew the first show was at 10:30 am) I think I was the only one who loved it and was actually SINGING. From there we went to the great movie ride. Kind of dumb. More for older people. Then we got lunch. We went to fairfax fare. DO NOT GO THERE. lots of wandering through gift shops but not buying anything (the plan was to do research and pick stuff on the last day with a set dollar amount) We had time to kill and tried to stay out of the sun. Did path of the Jedi, a sort of movie medley of Star Wars (translation: spoiler alert if your kids haven’t seen all the movies.)
Finally it was time for our fast pass to rockin rollerscoaster. I don’t really like Aerosmith but it has nothing really to do with them. Very intense ride. You go upside down 3 times, I think. Kids were pretty scared. Again, I was just happy I did it and didn’t feel too queazy.
Then we had to kill time until dinner. Went to Indiana jones epic stunt spectacular. It was really good. Worth it. Pretty unique. Kept just missing various Star Wars live acting things. Did Star Wars launch bay, just the ‘museum’ and video games part. Again just trying to waste time and stay in AC.
Finally did our table service dinner at 50s prime time cafe. It was packed and we had to wait even though we had res. Our waitress didn’t give us a hard time and joke around like some of the others. That’s the cool thing about the place. Food was not great.
Went back to hotel and did pool for a while and the weather was perfect for it. Let Jack pick out a toy. Got Tim a Father’s Day present. Saw that the hotel has laundry services. Found that you can get a case of water in the restaurant for $16 vs. $3 per bottle in the vending machine.

Day Five

Park Hoppin’!
Fast pass: space mountain. My only memory of Disney 40 years ago. I had my eyes closed then. It wasn’t much different with eyes open. Pretty intense for the kids but they both said it was their favorite.
Did the monsters ink scare floor. I liked it. It was funny.
Walked over to agrabah bazaar to get a backpack I saw on the Disney shop app. But they didn’t have it. Nora got thing she had decided to get:  a Jasmine costume.
Hopped over to animal kingdom around lunch. Ate at restaurant-asaurus. It was Ok. Burger and fries. Easy to switch drink choice after order. Didn’t get my fries but they were very accommodating and just gave me one.
Went to dinosaur next where we had a fast pass on Thursday but the ride went down. It was fun for me but very jerky and bumpy. Too scary for the kids. They talk a big game but when it comes to the actual riding of the ride they buckle.
Went to the Serka Zong shop next to Everest and got a backpack I liked.
Went back to the hotel, swam until lightning closed the pool.
Got ready to go to dinner. Nora wore her jasmine costume. Walking to the bus it started to rain and then pour. We put our ponchos on. The combination of glitter and plastic and water isn’t good. It wasn’t fun walking all the way to the restaurant. I had to take my shoes off because they were leather sandals. When we got to Teppan Edo we were wet, expecting to be freezing in the AC, and all very grumpy. I didn’t remember or didn’t know it was habachi and I wasn’t happy about it. When I realized we were eating with another family I was even more bummed. I really wanted sushi. I ended up paying extra for a sushi appetizer and after some awkwardness and ignoring each other, I finally decided to break the ice. I asked where the family was from and they were from Morristown nj. They ended up being super friendly. Had girls 19 and 22. They said their favorite thing was Soarin’. We had tried to go on it before but the wait was really long. Since it was late and rainy the wait was “only” 35 minutes. Really it was like 15. And it was really awesome.

Day Six

Magic Kingdom all day
Fast pass: 7 dwarfs mine train. Really nice rollercoaster. Very popular probably because it’s great for the little kids.
Jack discovered the sorcerers card/map scavenger game and was really into it.
We did it’s a small world. That’s a must.
Just Nora and I went on little mermaid ride. Great for little girls 😉
We waited 40 minutes or so and did big thunder mountain railroad again.
Nora tim and Jack did splash mountain. I didn’t want to stand on another line. It turned out to be only 20 or 30 minutes. They liked it. While I waited I accidentally saw the parade of fantasy. It was pretty awesome. All the princesses, major Disney movies all on their own super elaborate float.
Lunch be my guest restaurant. Good food. Belles castle. Kind of like fancy quick meal. No characters.
Did the hall of presidents. Nora insisted. A good way to kill time until dinner. Crystal palace had pooh and friends and a pretty fabulous buffet. I thought the kids were too young but they really loved hugging the characters and getting photos. The chef who came out to go over peanut free food was the friendliest person yet. He was ridiculously nice and sweet and funny. It’s amazing how genuinely nice the people are that work at Disney. It’s got to be an exhausting job but they just keep going. Some are more animated and energetic than others but everyone seemed happy to help and often willing to go out of their way to help (and break the rules a little.)
There were very few times I saw anyone get in trouble or yelled at by employees. Pretty laid back. For the most part people were well behaved.

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