Something about myself.

I grew up in a family of photographers. Mother, Father, StepMother, Brother. So I didn’t stand a chance. What a revelation when I decided I should go to art school. Like college, only not so college-y. I’ll be an artist. When they asked me to pick a major, I chose Photography. As if I ever had a choice. The inception of that idea happened long before.

Here I am, dressed up and photographed by my Stepmother, Carolyn Jean. I think this was probably around 1979. Before Cindy Sherman did it.

After graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art, with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Photography, I worked as a photographer. Worked? More like Slaved. Then, in 1995, I defected to the other side and became one of them — a graphic designer. Probably not my decision either.

Today, I’m a stay-at-home-mom/digital-communications-expert/elite-athlete/excessive-hyphen-user.