day five was wednesday and predicted to be sunny and 70s all day. tim and i went for a bike ride and then came back and made breakfast.

we set up at the beach around noon. i read my book, which has taken a very dark turn. post world war II korea. so brutal. so after a few chapters i decided to take a long walk on the beach. i went in the ocean for a bit but not all the way in. it’s cold!

we decided to leave the beach after a few hours and go into town. we still hadn’t been to the arcade. we rode our bikes with cups full of quarters but it was closed when we got there. but on the plus side we found out playa bowls is open every day now.

we did some shopping at the stores. nora got some little earrings, some temporary tattoos and i got a coconut-lime candle.

i found a copy of 28 summers by elin hilderbrand at our beach rental and started reading that. much more summer beach read. when i’m not reading, i’m playing solitaire or watching hgtv.

for dinner we went to the watering hull. in all the 14 or so years we’ve vacationed here we’ve never tried it. and it was good. i had the shrimp basket. you can never go wrong ordering off the kids menu. there was a projection screen that had the philly’s game and since it was behind me, jack played sports announcer, something he’s born to do. i thought it was funny but nora tired of it pretty quickly.

and in true beach tradition, we bought a sweatshirt out of necessity. nora was freezing in the restaurant so tim ran out a bought her a navy blue hoodie emblazoned with “stone harbor”.