tuesday was very rainy but then became gloriously sunny at the end of the day. nora and i rode our bikes to get smoothies. since playa bowls was out, we went to pure juice + kitchen which has great avocado toast and gets the win for being peanut-free.

number two on the list of things to do when it rains at the beach is the air force museum but we opted for mini golf and the arcade. our favorite mini golf is pirate golf in avalon. i personally loath mini golf but it’s tradition.

lunch was pizza at nemo’s. it’s GOOD. and the owner is the friendliest guy.

tim and nora went to the library to see if nora could check out a book. that girl reads like her life depends on it and i couldn’t be prouder. turns out they were able to get a library card. they borrowed two books and two dvds. and tim ended up selling a bundle of HIS books to the librarian. check out tucker and zoey here.

i went shopping by myself for a bit. my current favorite store is people people. it is full of beautiful beachy dresses and tons of luscious brands i’ve never gotten to experience in person, like agolde, apiece apart, the great, solid and striped, emerson fry, etc. there was a group of well-to-do jersey women who were having so much fun picking out things for each other and insisting they buy them. it made me with i had all my girlfriends with me.

when i got back from shopping, i joined the family at the beach. it was perfect now but getting late.

finally, we had dinner at quahogs. it’s very pricey but so, so good. calamari, plantains, blackened fish…

for dessert we went to wawa and bought pints of ice cream. we ended the day by watching pirates of the caribbean.