it’s finally here! beach week. my family and i have been staying at the same place, renting the same beach house, since our kids were babies.

it’s in stone harbor, new jersey. a quiet little strip of a town just north of wildwood. there’s no boardwalk and only a few shops and restaurants. every house is only a couple blocks from the beach. it’s pretty perfect.

we arrived on an overcast day and after we unloaded all the car, we headed down to the beach. when we first arrive we go straight to the ocean, no chairs or umbrellas or even towels. we just go and say hello.

we’re here early this year. it’s the first week available to rent the house. the water is not warm. there’s hardly anyone on the beach. the lifeguards are on duty, though.

after checking out the beach, we ride our bikes into town. my sister-in-law told me one of our favorite restaurants, jack’s shack had closed but we had to see for ourselves. there was a new poke bowl place though. after checking out the old and the new shops, we buy a bike pump and head back to the house.

this year i decided to pack a ton of food, to cook and eat healthy. it’s good that i did because so many restaurants aren’t open. some have limited hours because it’s so early in the season and some are just gone. but on our first night we go to fred’s and get burgers. afterwards we ride our bikes around and catch the sunset.