friday was our last full day. it was sunny with a high of 90! we went to breakfast at uncle bill’s then packed up for the beach.

since it was the last day, i swore i’d dive in the ocean, go ‘all the way in’. it didn’t feel too cold once you got in. i love the way the sun and ocean air feels after you’ve been in the water. it’s amazing.

i played catch with jack with cheap mini lacrosse sticks. i was terrible. i have played so many ball games this week. golf, paddle ball, football, foosball, volleyball… which tells you how much i love my kids since i have no hand eye coordination for these things and they are not fun for me.

we finally went to the arcade in stone harbor. then, the kids and i snuck off to get tim his father’s day gift. i can’t tell you what we got. not until after sunday.

i continued reading 28 summers. now i’m halfway through but have to leave it behind. it belongs to the the beach house. i’ll have to find a copy at home. the plot started in 2020, flashed back to 1993 and now it’s the year 2000. 7 summers down and 21 to go! oh, mallory, what are you and jake going to do??

for dinner we got hoagies at wawa and rode bikes to the beach. it was a stunning evening. then we finished the day by eating entirely too much ice cream at the buccaneer.

and that’s one week at the jersey shore. can’t wait to come back next year!