thursday started out very rainy but ended up sunny and breezy. we squeezed in a lot.

first, nora and i rode bikes —in the rain — to playa bowls and brought back smoothie bowls. next we all went to the arcade. it was closed. so we drove out to avalon to the other arcade. it wasn’t as nice but i enjoyed skeeball and air hockey. the kids picked out a whoopie cushion and skittles as their prizes.

we got pizza a nemo’s then shopped in avalon. didn’t buy anything though. i read, took a nap. tim and the kids went to the beach for a little while. i went for a run. then we all tried a new restaurant, surfside rooftop grill which was as good as the reviews say.

back home we played balderdash which always cracks us up. the kids are quite good at inventing fake definitions for words. we quit before anyone officially won but tim was ahead of me by one space.