monday was the perfect day, sunny and slightly cool. we spent a lot of time on the beach. and once again, my habit of haphazard sunscreen application left be with an embarrassing sunburn.

the kids dug a giant hole. tim sculpted a horseshoe crab. i read my book, the island of sea women. and british vogue.

the kids bored of the beach long before us adults so for a little while we were on our own. it’s the first year they’ve gone off on their own on bikes. the day before, they went to playa bowls but it was closed today.

for as beautiful as it was, i really didn’t take many photos. which makes it hard to remember what we did. i know we decided to grill burgers at home and ran out of propane. and we went to the buckaneer to get ice cream. i found a cool wall outside vineyard vines.