our second day at the shore was a rainy one. it should not be allowed to rain when i’m on vacation. i went for a walk when i got up and then made breakfast.

since it wouldn’t be a good beach day we chose to go to the cape may lighthouse. it’s fun to do educational things with teenagers (right?) plus i realized, never have i ever been inside of a lighthouse! it was 199 steps to the top. the website said it was free but it turned out to be $12 per person. we also paid to get flattened pennies with the lighthouse pressed onto them.

after the lighthouse we went down to the beach for a little bit. nora went in the ocean. jack and tim threw a football. i went for a walk.

oh, and we finally stopped at the little road side place that sells key lime pie.

sunday night we decided to go to our favorite mexican place, tortilla flat. we rode our bikes to avalon and found it was permanently closed. our next choice, right around the corner was tonio’s seafood which has a cute little patio. we found a vacant lot! so ultimately we rode all the way back home and made barbecue chicken with baked potatoes and green beans. and key lime pie for dessert!