I just had the worst dinner ever. It wasn’t Ruby Tuesday’s fault. Well, some of it was. It was the kids. It was a rough day. I don’t know why. Some days are just like that. The kids wouldn’t stop being bad. So, so bad. So bad that my head exploded. Then it got badder.

It wasn’t like this when I was in DC last weekend. We had an amazing, grown-up dining experience. 4 kids under age 6, no children’s menu and no electronic devises. Why is it easy some days and on other days they’re smacking the wooden blinds on the window every 5 seconds even though you’ve threatened them with everything you can think of?

Dinner out with my fam in the District is always amazing. Usually something ethnic, something we don’t really have in PA. Cousin Christopher usually chooses the place and I always love it. Even if Grandma doesn’t. There were 10 of us and we managed to get a table with a last minute call and some luck. Did I mention it was Saturday night? Jaleo is a Spanish Tapas place. Very delicious with amazingly hip decor.

I think we ordered everything on the menu. The kids ate a lot of it. I think. A good time was had by all. I wish I took more photos because the restaurant was so cool. I guess you can check it out for yourself.

Whenever I visit my “hometown” and get my big city fix, I fantasize about living there. But, the fact is I secretly love the suburban life. Please don’t tell anyone I said that.

Christopher and Rachel will tell you, it’s not the restaurant, it’s not the kids, it’s not the astrological alignments. It’s how much sugar the kids have had, especially late in the day. They may be right.