The Country Bunny: Feminist Literature

Have you read The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes? My mother read it to me when I was little and it's one of my favorites. When she read it to me, I think she was saying: "Women can do anything men can do." Even if they sorta accidentally went and had a whole...

How to Style Sneakers (aka Trainers)

How to Style Sneakers (aka Trainers)

I love sneaker outfits... on other people. I see photos, on Instagram and Pinterest, but when I try them on me, well, it never seems to work. Or I don't even attempt it. Most days, lacing and unlacing shoes seems too ambitious. Then, I got inspired by a vlog by...

I See You Patagonia

I See You Patagonia

I was born second. So I got the hand-me-downs. Even though my older sibling was a boy. Let's be honest, my parents were frugal. God, how I hate that word. My dad was a penny-pincher and my mom learned to be really good at shopping at yard sales. I didn't know my...

Where I Get My Jeans

Where I Get My Jeans

I recently went through all my jeans (and other pants) and ended up donating a few pairs that just weren't working for me. Among the pairs that were lovingly passed on to a new home were: the GAP black cropped jeans, the AG skinny jeans, the H&M boyfriend jeans,...

Book Roundup

Hi there! It's been a while since I talked about books. Here's a catalog of what I've read over the last year. I like to keep track and also give a bit of a list of suggestions for anyone looking for something new to read.Untamed by Glennon Doyle The most recent book...

I Love Track Pants

Thanks to this post by Lindsay Kubly I have now joined the Adidas track pants fan club (not an official organization). These pants. I have been wishing for them forever. I hesitated to get them because... uh, I thought I'd look ridiculous in them. Like my son's soccer...


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