Ah, Fall.

I tried on a ton of clothes trying to come up with a few options I liked. You’re welcome, because it was a lot of work. I really did it for me, though. Now when I get up I have some idea of what to wear in this season of 80°-90° F “Fall” days.

I thought a lot about what to write for this week’s post and in the end I decided to write about what I’m most interested in. So even if it seems boring or superficial, I’m being true to myself, right?

Whenever I go through my closet like this I find things. Some of these items I don’t wear that often, but realize I should (Hello chambray shirt.) And I was happy to be able to “shop my closet” and not run out and buy a lot of new clothes because it’s Fall. So, yay me. Some pieces and some combinations did not make the cut. I edited my shots down to my absolute favorites.

Note: I started this blog in order to learn how to blog, and learn more about WordPress. I’m a graphic designer, not a model. And I don’t make money from my blog. Unless you count the $1.05 from Ad Sense, which I don’t. I do love blogs, and fashion, and sharing ideas. I added links (if the items are still available) because I find it really helpful when other bloggers do. It helps fuel my shopping addiction! So, that’s where I’m at, for what it’s worth.

Here they are:


OUTFIT 1  Gap Dress  |  Lucky Shoes


OUTFIT 2  LOFT Dress  |  Nine West Shoes


OUTFIT 3  Banana Republic Shirt  |  J. Crew Pants  |  Banana Republic Shoes


OUTFIT 4  LOFT Shirt  |  J. Crew Pants  |  Banana Republic Shoes


OUTFIT 5  J. Crew Shirt  |  J. Crew Jeans  | Lucky Shoes


OUTFIT 6  J. Crew Shirt  |  Gap Chinos  |  Marc Fisher Shoes


OUTFIT 7  Lucky Shirt  |  Citizens of Humanity Jeans  |  Dr. Scholl’s Shoes


OUTFIT 8  LOFT Shirt  |  Citizens of Humanity Jeans  |  Nine West Shoes