Atlanta, how I love you. I was blown away at how polite everyone was. At first I thought it was just my hotel, The Renaissance Waverly (Marriott), that I wasn’t used to this calibre of hotel. But people said, no, it’s just Southern Hospitality. But, I mean, it was over the top, ya’ll. Never in my life have I experienced so many people who were so friendly, helpful and calm under pressure. Everyone. Everywhere.

By, the way, if you stay in a Marriott hotel, sign up for Marriott rewards so you get free Wi-Fi.



Grits. If you’re in the south, you have to. What are grits? Who cares? They’re delicious.


BBQ. The first place we went was Twin Smokers BBQ. It was so good. Even the pickles were crazy-good. The second place was Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ. Ohh, man.


Steak. BLT Steak at the W Hotel. Can a restaurant have 6 stars? It should. Homemade popovers like my mamma used to make. Count how many times the waiter says, “You all”.



Mexican. Elmyr (pronounced “El Meer”). Not one, but two locals recommended this hidden gem in the hipster neighborhood known as “Little 5 Points”.


Clothes. Lenox Square Mall. I figured, if I’m going to a big city I should go to some of my favorite  stores that we don’t have in my sleepy little town. My main choice: Madewell. There were others that caught my eye that I’ve never been to, like Topshop, 7 For all Mankind, Diane Von Furstenburg, Penguin, Lacoste and many others I can’t afford.


Vintage clothes. The Clothing Warehouse. I think they had exactly one million pairs of cowboy boots. A man there seemed to be trying on every pair. They also have rodeo belts — as well as dresses, jeans, t-shirts. Really everything. Also in Little 5 Points.



“Souvies” Bang On T-Shirts. A great place to get unique, personal gifts for friends and family. You pick from a gazillion t-shirts — every size, style & color — and then chose your design. As custom as you want. This was such a fun experience because the owner was so friendly and helpful and energetic. You couldn’t help getting caught up in it. “Do you have a Pokemon design?” “Yes!”

Explore History



The Center for Civil Rights and Human Rights might seem heavy, but it was really an amazing experience. I was surprised how much I learned. What an impact.



I had a great time strolling through some scenic neighborhoods with big stately houses.



I’m not going to lie, I love a hotel room. King size bed, huge down pillows. I did some serious sleeping.

But, I guess you can do that anywhere.