I finally got a pair of Adidas Superstars!*

I am always that kid that wants the cool shoes that all the cool kids have. And at the same time I don’t want to get them for precisely that reason, everyone has them.

So, I wait and deliberate. Finally I talked myself into them. My husband has quite a few pair of Adidas and he was wholly supportive. He even taught me how to lace them correctly. Take a close look at the top picture. They didn’t come like that. That’s custom, baby. You have to lace them through the eyelet from the top. You go top down, across, in through the top and across, making sure that the outside always crosses over on top.

Now go get some and enjoy! It’s okay, all the cool kids are doing it.

*They were not easy to find! I live in the northeastern part of the US. The Journeys near me didn’t carry them in women’s sizes in the store and said the web site was 3 months backordered (which convinced me they were super cool and I had to have them!), Nordstrom didn’t have¬†them, not in the color I wanted. Amazon has them but at $140. Foot Locker’s web site said they had them at a (sort of) nearby store. They didn’t. I finally ordered them through FinishLine. They were $79.99 with free shipping. I sized down a half a size based on a lot of reviews I read.

I checked and a lot of places have them now.