I feel like I have to explain often why running around naked is not okay. Outside. And peeing on the grass. Although better than doing it in the pool, not great. I think my son explained it for himself, “It’s like I’m a dog.” Yes.

Shortly after my son peed on the grass, through his bathing suit, my daughter peed on the grass, but only after she took her swim suit bottoms off. Half naked, peeing like a dog, in full view of our neighbors. Swim suit bottoms left on the grass, top removed and dropped on the floor somewhere in the house. She comes back out still with nothing on.

And when your child pees in their suit, which is worse, having them walk/drip through the house and leave the pee-pants on the floor or rinse off in the pool first. That’s only slightly less gross than peeing in the pool.

I am actually really happy anytime they don’t pee on a rug.

It seems like everyday is a struggle to get everyone dressed, keep those clothes on throughout the day, not pee through their clothes (on the floor/carpet/grass/car seat), wear actual clothes and not superhero and/or princess costumes, not try to wear swim suits or pjs to school, not change outfits every hour, not throw clean clothes down the laundry chute, not throw dirty clothes on the floor/back of the closet, not wear your sister’s or mother’s clothes.