I was afraid to Uber. (Can it be used as a verb?) Anyway, I used Uber for the first time on a trip to Atlanta this week. Why was I afraid? Mostly because of the unknown. Because I never used it. I don’t know many people who have. Actually, I think only person I know who’s used it is my super-hip cousin very tech-y and fearless. So, because I never did it and because of all the negative press it’s gotten lately.

But I’m here to say I did it and it was sooo easy and quick. Check it out:

8:12 pm Download the App. Enter Paypal info.

8:16 pm Text closest driver.

8:18 pm Driver texts back and asks me where I am. I text back.

8:20 pm Driver says he’ll be right there.

8:24 pm Get in the car!

8:44 pm Arrive at my destination. Automatic payment through Paypal. Boom.

Trip: 13.36 miles for $18.89


The best part? The song playing when I slid into the pristine black chevy impala: