When I was in high school, my friends and I often frequented french places like Au Pied du Cochon in DC’s Georgetown. So Buvette was an obvious choice for a lunch date with my childhood friend Laura. It took us about 5 seconds to order: a croque madame for her, a salad nicsoise for me and pate to share.

Laura used to live in the Village. Sullivan & Houston, I think. “Why did I ever give up that apartment?” she lamented. “It was $900 a month.” Married now with 3 kids in a beautiful house on Long Island. “I know. You should have kept it.”



Scotch & Soda

I had the loveliest experience at this little boutique. Not on my mental list of places I planned to go, I’d seen this brand on many a blog post and the olive-colored bomber jacket in the window called to me. The funniest thing happened when I walked in. The salesperson was really friendly. It was as if I wasn’t a tourist. He was so personable and helpful and it really paid off for him. I spent a ton there (for me). My excuse: how often am I in NY and they have some absolutely beautiful clothes. I bought a pair of black skinny jeans and an ikat blouse.


Rag & Bone

I’ve loved this brand forever and was looking forward to seeing and touching some of their jeans and boots. I kind of ran out of time so I didn’t try anything on. I did, however score a free sample of this perfume which is so moody and delicious. All their perfumes are unisex. But, overall I didn’t lust for their clothes like I thought I would.


This is another lesser known brand that I’ve been secretly craving. Way out of my price range but it felt so good in my soul to walk through the store and touch the velvet and sequined and brocade. Maybe someday.

Of course there’s so much more to explore in this part of New York. While I was there, just for an afternoon, I felt like a local. I even managed to navigate the subway with ease. There must be a parallel universe where I live in Greenwich Village. I have a cool apartment and I support myself painting paintings and know about all the best places to go.


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