stacking rings


Since opal is my birthstone, I have accumulated a few over the years. I had 3 single earrings that lost their matches long ago and I always thought it would be nice to use the stones to make a ring. And I’ve been wanting some gold jewelry.

I finally got around to actually having custom rings made at an adorable little store in Bethlehem, Artfully Elegant. (My sister Ashley Feather recommended them. She knows about all the cool places in Bethlehem since she has one: Soul Surfer and she’s besties with Erin Panner who works there.) I don’t know anything about jewelry or custom jewelry making, so I felt hesitant even asking someone to make something for me. But Erin helped guide me through the process without making be feel like a dum-dum. I picked out a designer, Elaine B. and we talked through a couple of ideas. The designer did some sketches and I picked a design of stacking rings and then, voila! they were made and today I went to get them.

The store is so cute. It has so much stuff I want. I will be back.

Check it out: