Cool store alert!

I stumbled upon the coolest place yesterday. It was like that dream you have that you found some really cool place filled with all your favorite kinds of things and in the dream you’re like, “How can this be? How do they know?” And then you wake up, you’re like, “They know because my brain made it up.”

That place is an actual real place called The Steel Beam. It’s in Downtown Bethlehem, right down from Hotel Bethlehem. They make all kinds of mad shit. And they import designer clothes from New York City. It’s like you are in one of those ultra hip thrift stores in the City. I about died. I wanted everything. I got a Rebecca Taylor Dress (this, but in a leopard-y pattern) and the exact Theory black blazer I looked everywhere for and tried and failed to buy on eBay a few months ago. The exact. same. jacket. In my size.

I felt bad focusing on the awesome clothes, because while I was flip, flip, flipping the hangers, the lovely ladies were working away on amazing custom designed handmade copper jewelry and lamps made out of bunsen burners… It was all too much to take in. I had to work hard to not jump up and down, giggle and fist pump all at the same time. It was just so… different… so creative… so, not boring and mediocre, you know?

I thought you should know.