photo by Carrie Morgan


Nothing is better than yoga for tuning your whole attitude upside down. 

Welcome to my favorite day of the week: Saturday. The Yoga Loft in Bethlehem, PA. Carrie Morgan’s class at 9:00 am. It’s amazing. Carrie is amazing. I love it so much and I am very selfish when it comes to rearranging everyone’s schedule so I can go. Recently, I let my 6-year-old daughter go with me and she can actually do it. I’m so grateful the teacher and the other students have graciously welcomed her.

God, do I love me some yoga.


Mountain Pose | Tadasana


Low Lunge

Before I tried it, I thought all kinds of things about it that I now know aren’t true. Here are some of the excuses I had (which I often hear from other people):

Excuse: Yoga is too easy, I won’t get a good workout.
Reality: Yoga can be very hard. I sweat and am often sore the next day. Yoga can be as challenging (or as gentle) as you want.

Excuse: Yoga is all about twisting yourself into a pretzel. A very uncomfortable, unhappy pretzel.
Reality: Yoga has greatly increased my flexibility. Slowly. I never force myself into poses. And, I was surprised to learn that it isn’t all about building flexibility. It’s also about building strength. And balance.

Excuse: (this one was probably subconscious) It’s too hippy-dippy. I don’t know, I guess it’s from those trips to Venice Beach as a kid.
Reality: You can practice yoga without living on a commune or dyeing all your clothes ochre.

Yoga by itself is awesome, but for someone who runs and bikes, it’s the perfect compliment. It has helped we with alignment and keeps me out of the chiropractor’s office.

Best of all, yoga strengthens not only my body but also my mind and my spirit. It has been an incredible journey.


Downward-facing Dog | Adho Mukha Shvanasana


Upward-Facing Dog | Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

What do you think? Have you tried it?

My other favorite local place: YogaMos in Hellertown, PA