I recently did some comparison shopping on fitness classes:

Class Walk-in Class Pass Full Commitment
Zumba $8 $60/10 classes $36/month (6 classes max)
Jazzercise $10 $92/8 weeks $38/month unlimited
Spin* $12 $90/10 classes $36/month (4 classes max). $72 w/ yoga.
Fitness Studio** $12 $89/10 classes $60/month unlimited
Crossfit $15 $119/12 classes $139/month unlimited
Yoga $16 $115/10 classes $89/month unlimited
*Pass also good for Yoga
**Offers a variety of group fitness classes such as Weight Training as well as Pilates, Yoga and Zumba

The prices above are for actual classes in my area. Some places also charge an initial sign-up fee.

You can see that, if you don’t belong to a gym, if you bounce around to different classes, a sort-of-typical month could add up! It will be $162.10 in April if I don’t miss any workouts. (March was less at $112.30).

Studio Spin Run Yoga Rest
Studio Run $8.90 $9.00 $0 $11.50 Rest
$8.90 $0 $8.90 $9.00 $0 $11.50 Rest
$8.90 $0 $8.90 $9.00 $0 $11.50 Rest
$8.90 $0 $8.90

Is that ridiculous? It seems pretty steep to me and I’ve been trying to find a way around it for a while now. I feel really guilty when I consider my husband works out at home and spends exactly $0, and my sister-in-law does LA Fitness for only $20 a month. I could pay an unlimited monthly fee of $60 at The Fitness Studio which would save me over $100 a month. But I love my spin class! And I love my yoga class! I have been to a few Weight Training classes recently where I was the only student, so it was like having a personal trainer. If I was paying a trainer it would be like $50 per class!

What do you think? Should I commit to one place?