I recently quit eating sugar. Again.

I’ve known for a long time that I’m better off when I don’t eat it, but hadn’t fully committed to it. I had been experimenting with different forms of sugar and only having it occasionally. One day I had crazy cravings and thought I was going to lose my mind, when I saw this book JUMP OUT AT ME in a bookstore. I walked right by it. Then I turned around and I bought it.

In my adult life I have quit (and un-quit) a lot of foods. Here are some of the diet guidelines I have given myself:

  • No fat
  • High fat (but unsaturated)
  • No fried foods
  • Vegan
  • No meat
  • Just eggs
  • Just eggs and fish
  • No red meat
  • Only organic meat
  • No meat with carbs (proper food combining)
  • Just meat, no carbs
  • Only complex carbs
  • No wheat
  • No eating after 8pm
  • No sugar
  • Splenda, aspartame okay
  • Just maple syrup, honey
  • Just stevia, rice malt syrup
  • Just fruit, but in moderation
  • Just whole fruit, no juice
  • No sugar soda
  • No diet soda
  • Just seltzer with juice
  • Just seltzer
  • Just tea and water
  • No coffee
  • Just decaf
  • Just hot water with lemon
  • Shots of apple vinegar
  • No cruciferous veggies or legumes (to reduce bloat)
  • No dairy
  • Just Greek yogurt
  • Juice fast
  • No oils
  • Just olive oil
  • Olive oil, coconut oil, some butter
  • Use The Secret (I am so happy and grateful that I am my perfect weight)
  • Eat whatever I want, but mindfully

Most of this time I have felt like I was going against conventional wisdom. I ate lots of fats when everyone insisted fats (especially saturated fat) made you fat. When Atkins and South Beach came along, I ate all the carbs I wanted. I worked out a lot and was fit and healthy. I tried South Beach at one time and didn’t lose one ounce. Now there’s Paleo and Whole 30. Many people are gluten-free and other’s are vegan. So many diets go to extremes. I’m not critical of them. I think the important thing is that we make healthy choices. We might not do it every day, but we try our best. And every day is a new day to try again. What people eat is personal and individual.

I was all about Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar. I followed the week-by-week program. I tried many of the tasty recipes. I eat according to her philosophy for the most part—I eat more fruit and less meat.

Last summer I tried this extreme super-model diet: The Bonberi Bikini Plan. Once I started doing it, it seemed less and less extreme. I felt amazing. My skin glowed. I felt good in a bikini.

Does that help? Are you more confused now than ever? The bottom line is: experiment, be open minded, then listen to your body (not the media). If you fall, get back up. And for god’s sake DRINK WATER!