Well, I have one week until my Let’s Get Fit finish line. It’s an arbitrary date based on the ‘start of summer’. I don’t really believe in deadlines or drastic diets or anything. I believe in small, steady changes that turn into a lifestyle. My thought is just get out there and move. Try to do something everyday. But, my vanity motivates me and hopefully that’s good thing. In the long run, maybe I’ll be healthier overall.

This past winter was brutal. I grew up in DC and then spent 10 years in central California, so PA is kicking my ass. It was hard to motivate to workout and sometimes impossible to even be outside. It took a toll on my mental state. I know we all felt it here. At least we didn’t lose power this time. So, now Spring feels soooo gooood. Today’s run was the warmest I’ve done. The heat and humidity takes some getting used to. But, yay shorts.

I’m treating this week leading up to Memorial Day weekend as one last re-motivation to get fit. I’m not planning on rewarding myself with hot dogs and pie—we have three straight days of all day picnics this weekend—I’ll be bringing the salad.