Saturday = Yoga

After Yoga = Breakfast

Once again, how great is yoga on a Saturday morning? Even better that I can bring my 6-year-old with me. This past Saturday was really hard and really good.

Sometimes Carrie uses grown up words, like the one that starts with “s”, “Oops, sorry” she’ll say, then “It’s ok, Leigh assures me it’s nothing she hasn’t heard at home.” It’s true. Yeah.

These days, my daughter is perfectly happy to be my sidekick, which works out perfectly. She and I go to the Yoga Loft and her dad takes her brother to karate.

After class, I need to eat because I can’t eat before class and by now it’s 10:30 am. Sometimes we go to Blue Sky Cafe, but when we’re short on time we go to Starbucks*. I know. But I love it. I get my double tall cappuccino and she gets a juicy drink. They don’t have a lot of food options and we usually enter into a lengthy negotiation with some sort of compromise on both sides. This time I actually talked her into a “reduced-fat turkey bacon/cage-free egg white/reduced-fat white cheddar cheese on an organic wheat English muffin”. Whatever. It wasn’t a cake pop.

We yoga’d, we noshed, we bonded.


*This post is not sponsored by Starbucks. Although, if they decide to give me free coffee in the future, I would not say no.