I lost 3 pounds! In 1 day!


Off to spin class!

Okay, so I weigh myself way more than I should. Can I say it motivates me to keep on track? Anyway, even though I think my scale is wildly inaccurate, I got on it today and I was almost 3 lbs less than yesterday. The only thing I can attribute it to is yesterday’s spin class. And not eating bread for an entire day.

I don’t really count calories or have a strict diet (other than not eating sugar) but I like to see what the spin bike says I burned. Yesterday was around 360. Still, an arbitrary calculation.

But, here’s what I want to tell you, especially when you’re thinking of maybe skipping a workout: Exercise burns calories long after you stop working out. My spin instructor, Wayne, says your metabolism is raised for 36 hours after you stop spinning. What!?! I accept this as fact. I haven’t researched it or anything, I just choose believe it.

Here’s my smoothie of the day, or “SOOD”. I usually eat after I workout but spin kicks so much ass, I need something before.