Get to class early to get a front row seat

Finally we get to Spin Class!

Wayne Snyder from CSS teaches a spin class that will kick your ass — in a fun way! Held at the Southern Lehigh Public Library, if you can believe that, every Thursday at 9:15 AM.

It is by far the SWEATIEST thing I do all week. Like, I have to wash my hair after. Ok, gross.

I love it.

  • It’s close to my house.
  • It’s at the perfect time — right after I get the little monsters on the school bus.
  • It burns a ton of calories.
  • It’s easy because you just follow what the instructor does. It’s like Jazzercise on a bike! (Sorry, Wayne)
  • And, during the winter there’s no way I’m riding a bike outside. In fact, once it gets a little warmer, we’ll be having class outside. Silly, I know, but it’s a lot of fun.
  • Anyone can do it. And no one gets “dropped”.

After class I eat this:


Spinach scramble with avocado and hot sauce

So, I’ll see you all Thursday?