Donut Derby 2012

Donut Derby 2011 — Lynn, Me & Trudi

Back when we were young and crazy. Well, younger. We did the annual “Donut Derby”. I think I did 2010, 2011 and 2012. The twins were 1, 2, then 3. Grandma and Grandpa walked around with them for 2+ hours while we rode. Various people joined us on different years. One year my cousin Anna came all the way from Brooklyn.

Ride 12 miles–Eat donuts–Ride 12 miles–Eat donuts–Ride 12 miles. About 36 miles in all. Kind of a lot for someone who rides like 2 times a year.

You don’t have to eat the donuts. I think 2011 was a year I didn’t eat sugar. But, for every donut you eat, you get to take 3 minutes off your total time.

It is a great event, held every Labor Day in and around Breiningsville, Pennsylvania, starting at the Velodrome. That’s Amish Country if you didn’t know and it’s beautiful—breathtaking in September. Rolling hills, corn fields, farms, cows.

After the race, there’s food, music and the awards.

Sign up for this year’s Donut Derby here.


a couple of guys on a tandem