Arbitrary Goal Reached!

Arbitrary Goal Reached!

I wasn’t going to post a bikini photo… but then, I thought, it’s not like people don’t see me in one at the pool or the beach.

So, I set this goal for myself to be a certain weight/size by the start of summer. I’m the first to admit that I’m motivated by vanity. I know. I am. But, then I tell myself, if it motivates me to be healthy, to have a strong heart and live longer and be happier, then it’s a good thing. And if it helps others make healthy choices too, then it’s win-win. Right?

I worked hard this last week. I got out and moved every day. I ran, did Jazzercise, Spin and Yoga. I ate healthy and skipped the french fries and the ice cream (well almost completely).

It was a beautiful weekend. We picnicked, swam, played whiffle ball and lit sparklers. Hope you had happy and healthy holiday!

Swim suit by Athleta. Wailea Bikini Top and Wailea Loop Bottom.