Ready to run – inside


It just started snowing as I laced up my running shoes.

The good news is I have a treadmill. The bad news is I have a treadmill.

I really wanted to skip today. I was going to. You know, get to work, start my day, not waste time. And it never fails, as soon as I start to sort of get on a roll, I think I need a break. Then a tiny voice said, “A quick run, get it done, get it over with”.

I wore these legging specifically for indoor running, because, really no one needs to see that, in public.

I grabbed my trusty iPad and with my “Sexy and I know it” Pandora station, I ran for 30 minutes. I used this treadmill workout:

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 5.13.10 PM

Then I made this smoothie.


carrot juice, banana, frozen mango, frozen raspberries, spinach, tumeric.