why weights?

I don’t really think about my arms.

But, when I’m lifting weights, a little voice asks, “Is this even necessary?” or “I hope I don’t get big man arms”. Right? Then I remind myself, that’s not going to happen. Not the way I lift weights (and because I’m not a dude).

And I remind myself:

  1. Lifting weights increases overall muscle mass which burns more fat (even at rest.)
  2. Increased muscle mass increases bone density (women have a higher risk of osteoporosis, also if you’re white or caucasian, small-framed, over a certain age and have a family history, uh, check, check, check and check.)
  3. Lifting weights tones your back muscles which improves posture, making you look taller.
  4. Lifting weights tones your chest, which, well, lifts the chest.
  5. Lifting weights while doing abs, lunges, etc. can tone your whole body, giving you definition and better curves.
  6. Lifting weights makes you sleep better.
  7. Lifting weights makes you nicer to your husband, your kids and your dog.

You can lift weights here.