A friend told me about this idea: a journal that you and your daughter share. I bought a copy of this journal for my cousin to share with her daughter and she loved it so much, I bought one to share with mine. I love this so much because:

  • img_2720It encourages my daughter to practice writing (she’s currently 8 years old)
  • She shares things in it that I don’t think she would ever say out loud
  • I share things with her that I would never say out loud — things about myself as a girl and things about myself now
  • We connect in a really special way and bond even more than I think we would from just talking or hanging out
  • I reminds me of a journal I shared with my 3rd grade teacher (that helped me so much at a time in my childhood that things were really hard)
  • I think it helps to heal the relationship I have with my mom


This particular journal has all sorts of cute writing prompts, but of course you don’t need to buy a fancy journal, just a plain one will work, too. I must admit I do love the cover design and even based my daughter’s room makeover on its color palette.

One last thing: the journal guidelines: Everything stays between you two. Either person can decide that they don’t want to talk about what’s written. No judging—keep it positive. Be honest, have fun.

So try it out. I think you’ll like it.