It’s always the same with me. Same styles, same brands, same colors. I am even guilty of buying the same exact things I already own. Striped shirts, black skinny jeans, ripped boyfriend jeans…

Here is an assortment of recent(-ish) outfit shots. I take photos to remember what worked (or what didn’t.) I feel silly, but it really gives me a better idea, a more objective idea, than if I just looked in the mirror.

Since I became obsessed with Bloglovin’ and started following fashion blogs on the regular, I feel like I can actually put together an outfit! I know, amazing stuff.

I also get a lot of ideas from Pinterest. I save images of outfits I like, of things I think are staples, and some trends. Then I constantly narrow the pins down to what I feel is truly me. My closet gets more and more edited down to just what I like and know I’ll wear.

My Pinterest outfit board:

I am aware of how self-obsessed this is, but I know I’m not alone! Besides, if you grew up with your Dad buying your clothes (and only from Sears) you’d be a little weird too.

p.s. I recently went way more blonde and I love it.