I was recently at the Jersey Shore and we went out on a whale-watching boat. I started to reminisce about my childhood, sailing on the Chesapeake and everything sort of came back to me. I remembered the basic sailing knots I learned, “the rabbit comes up out of the hole, runs around the tree and back down through the hole”. And I remembered some of the rules of Right of Way, like sailboats have right of way over powerboats and the boat to the right does, too. I went ahead and Googled it to be sure, but my memory was shockingly good! Here they are if you’re curious.

As the week went on, I kept thinking about it. On the water, or on land, you give way if it’s easier for you to do. You avoid an accident. It’s really a spiritual, altruistic guideline. If you can give way to someone, let them merge into your lane, let them be “right”, give them the benefit of the doubt, why wouldn’t you?

Do you have any memories of being out on the water? Do you know how to tie any sailing knots?