When we got back from Mexico this past March, I thought, “Oh good, we will get back just in time for the beautiful Spring weather.” Uh, no. The middle of March was warm. Then bitter cold. Then everything in between. April was all over the place but actually not too rainy. Now, as we approach Mother’s Day weekend, the official, we-won’t-be-getting-any-more-frosts-and-you-can-plant-your-gardens time of year, I feel I can finally wear pretty much anything. I waited until just after Easter to do my closet switchover from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer. All that means is I pull out all my shorts and try them all on and decide I don’t really like any of them. I also cycle the warm weather items I’ve had packed away in the big drawer in my dresser and replace them with my corduroys and cashmere and things I know I won’t wear for a while. It’s hugely satisfying. Welcome linen! Sandals. Tank tops. I’m especially excited to wear my clog sandals. Hello old friends. Flashbacks to my mom pulling boxes and boxes of clothes out of the attic and making me try everything on. How I hated it then, and now I love it. Some items I love just as much as when they were new, if not more. Other things I am so over and I say goodbye to them. I did a follow up inventory of my workout wear, specifically the running shorts and tops. I don’t usually get rid of much when I do a switchover, but I let a few things go. Only one pair of running shorts made the cut. And one pair of Patagonia baggies. After seeing what I had, I allowed myself to add a few new pieces. All clothing is old except for those with links.

J Crew linen dress | Sandgrens clog sandals

Gap t-shirt | Everlane chinos | Troentorp clogs

Lucky Bowie t-shirt | J Crew jeans | Kork-Ease mary janes

J Crew linen shirt | Old Navy chinos | J Crew sandals

Michael’s t-shirt | Scotch & Soda chinos | Lotta from Stockholm clog sandals

J Crew breton | J Crew linen pants | J Crew sandals

Gap tank | Loft trousers | Lotta from Stockholm clogs

Gap tank | Pistola chinos | Lotta from Stockholm clog sandals

J Crew button up | Old Navy chinos | Sam Edelman sandals