I love Ines De La Fressange, read her book, follow everything she does and generally want to be her. A while back I searched and searched for a menswear style black wool coat and found it at UNIQLO from their brand new partnership with Ines which I had heard about all over the interwebs. The coat turned out to be perfect. I don’t usually shop UNIQLO. Then this week I bought 4 things from the UNIQLO & Ines De La Fressange SS16 collection*. As I guiltily clicked “purchase”, I told myself, “If I don’t love them, they’re going back.” I tried them all on and now I’m afraid I do love them all. Help! What do you think? (I feel silly taking photos of myself in outfits but it really helps me to be objective.)

#1 The Trench




I tried it on with a skirt and with pants. It’s a little more taupe than I thought, darker than it looks in the photos. It’s also a bit bulky because it has a quilted lining, but it’s removable. Here’s my dilemma: I already have a trench coat. I bought a Banana Republic one last year on eBay after a pretty exhaustive search.  But, I’ve always wondered if it’s too long and if I even like it (I’ve hardly worn it at all.) See below.


#2 The Jean Jacket




I love it. I think it will be one of those items I will wear forever, with everything. The only thing is, I already have a great jean jacket. See below. Is the new one different enough? Should I keep it?



#3 Army Green Pants



They fit good. They feel good. But, they’re a little, “Gee I wish I was back in the Army.” I wasn’t sure they were better than the ones I already have.



I’ve been on the fence about the army pants I have. I think they make my butt look enormous. (Thanks, Gap). I’m really torn about the new ones. Can’t decide. I think I just like the new ones because they’re new. They would have to be hemmed.

#4 The Army Green Shirt


It looks really brown here but it’s olive. So cute! When I first put it on I said, “Oh! It’s short.” Like, don’t lift your arms at all. Like flashback to 1994 when it was okay to show my mid drift. But then I thought, “It is fairly flattering at that length.” I think. Maybe I need to go up a size.

So that’s it. I’m trying to be very selective about what I add to my closet. Any input is appreciated!

*I’m not promoting this brand or getting anything from doing this. I just love the style. Check it out!