trying on outfits


Sometimes people say this to me. (Sometimes.)

I never know what to say to this. “What?!” comes to mind. Who knows why anyone comments on anyone’s size/body/etc. But they do. For someone who works out (and skips dessert) as often as I do, I think I should be thinner.

So, I started to wonder, what is a healthy weight? Also, should I even go by weight? Or body fat percent? Or BMI? Or dress size? Or nothing?

I’m pretty sure I’m not, nor have I ever been “too thin”.

For the record, I am currently 134 lbs. Sometimes I weigh more or less, but this is basically where I live. For someone 5′ 5″, that puts me right smack dab in the middle of healthy. If I ever get down to 110 or below (which will never happen) please let me know I’ve gone too far.



Some people say you shouldn’t go by weight, but fat percentage. My scale also calculates body fat, (as well as water % ?) so I happen to know I’m around 24% body fat. I should mention that I don’t believe my scale is hi-tech enough to give an accurate reading. But let’s pretend that it is. At my age, that would place me between “lean” and “ideal”. I should feel good about that, but I don’t know if I agree. I don’t know who made this chart. For all I know it could be Dunkin Donuts.

Body Fat chart


I know how ridiculous all this sounds. Tell me I’m not alone. I keep trying to make healthy choices, and I keep getting on the scale and I always question if it’s telling me the truth.

Maybe I should get a better scale. Like the new fitbit scale. (hint, hint people looking for birthday gift ideas)

Or maybe someone needs to invent a totally different type of scale. One that measures other things: how much you smile, say nice things to people, pet your dog or make good self-care choices…

How do you measure your success? What are your fitness goals? How do you motivate yourself?