Whenever I think about purchasing something new, I think it’s a good idea to do a quick inventory/try on. As I consider getting a new coat this year, let me reflect on the (old) coats I already have.

J. CREW PEA COAT — Hello old friend. This was a good investment. I think I actually got in used on eBay. Had it for years. It’s stadium cloth and very warm. The only issue is it is short and when we get into winter here in PA, my butt needs to be covered. Also, I’ve had to resew the buttons back on 100 times. I’d love to trade it for a black version that’s longer/oversized (mentioned in my & Other Stories Try-on post.) But I have a renewed appreciation for it now and will definitely keep it. poshmark

J. CREW PUFFER COAT — This was my favorite coat for a while. It’s actually not black but charcoal. It’s super warm, super cute, goes with everything. It has a detachable  hood. I ended up getting another puffer, again, so my booty isn’t cold. See below. everlane

J. CREW DUFFLE COAT — I have been neglecting this coat lately. I keep thinking I need a coat that’s a light color, but I have this “pink lady.” It seemed enormous to me when I got it, (again, used on eBay) but after trying on a bunch of coats recently, I realize it’s not. It’s actually quite fitted. And cute. Also stadium cloth and very warm. Luckily, it is, at this moment, not in need of dry cleaning. Word to the wise: light coats are high maintenance. new version

UNIQLO X INES DE LA FRESSANGE TOP COAT — This coat also suddenly seems so minimal and fitted. I’m not sure it was a good choice. It looks like a proper menswear style wool coat, very classic. But it’s very thin (as in not warm) so I just don’t wear it that much. If you live somewhere with mild winters, I’d recommend. new version

UNIQLO LONG PUFFER — I got this last year. I wore it almost every day of the winter, as well as into the “Spring”. Ah, Pennsylvania… It’s lightweight but so toasty and it can be packed very small. Every East Coast girl needs a coat like this. I assumed I would one day get the Northface version, but this one is great. new version

ROXY SKI JACKET — Although it’s a ski jacket, which I need, I wear it as a regular everyday coat. It’s warm, it’s waterproof and the pattern is very cool. It’s a good option when my whole outfit is black and I need some color. A gift from my sister, who has an almost identical one with feathers instead of leaves. similar

That is it. Six fall/winter coats.