Where do you find inspiration?

Where do you find inspiration?

Lately I find myself longing

…for the good old days where there were fashion and lifestyle blogs everywhere, and I could pore through them, feeling connected, inspired, motivated. At some point they seem to have gone out of style and their content switched over to TikTok? It’s left me feeling a little lost. I need imagery! I need wit! Here are a few places I regularly visit when I need a creative lift.


Creative and original word explorations that make you want to become a writer yourself. Read Abby’s newsletter.


Marlien Rentmeester’s blog is simply perfect. It lists fashion trends, high and low. Aspirational and inspirational. I love it so much. See Marlien’s recos.


The best place for beautiful content that makes you feel relaxed and renewed. A perfect blend of relatable chats, clothing, home decor, art, and travel. Watch Brittany.


Style ideas for days. Outfit repeating. British whimsy and realness. I’ve been following her since her pre-kid Frugality days. Check out Alex.


My favorite comfort-viewing niche: swedish minimalism, organization, and cleaning. I’m so here for all of it. Watch Benita.


And then, of course Pinterest. Among other things I have a board of all my favorite modern painters which is the best kind on inspiration. Paintings.

Revisiting My Work From Art School

Revisiting My Work From Art School

I recently found some of my old artwork from college. And by “found”, I mean drove to the house of my roommate’s parents, and took them home to my house. The art, not the parents. Why my artwork wasn’t moldering in my own parents’ house, I can’t tell you. All these years I knew I needed to go get them. I planned to go get them. And I thought, when I get them, I’ll flip through them, remembering those idyllic days, and then toss them in the trash. But, you know what? I actually was impressed by some of the pieces. Impressed by my talent and also the talent of my professors who managed to extract something not-bad from that young artist-to-be. Now they aren’t masterpieces, they’re homework assignments. Exercises, practice pieces. But they all have a certain something. A somewhat satisfying quality that seemed to be innately me. Of course they aren’t all the work, in all media, that I produced in those four years, just a mysterious collection that got separated from the rest. I didn’t even major in Fine Art or Painting but Photography. So here is a small random collection of work that I did all those years ago. Thank you to Maryland Institute College of Art for a great college experience, and to my roommate Penny for reaching out to me.