Hi. My name is Leigh and I’m super picky. And thank god, or I’d be broke. I like to carefully research things and then save the things I want on a Pinterest wish list. After a while, I’ll realize I don’t really want them or else I will buy them, and then sometimes after all that, I’ll realize I don’t want them. I guess it’s a normal part of online shopping.

Madewell Ruthie Sandal
I ordered 4 pairs of very similar sandals and this J Crew pair was the clear winner. If I hadn’t picked them, I would have chosen the “Ruthies.”

Madewell Boardwalk Sandal
No go.

Steve Madden Alexandra Sandal
Not very comfortable.

Madewell Tribune Blazer
I’ve been looking for a black blazer forever. This one was weird, tho. Very stiff (not drapey) and an unusual lapel.

Madewell Harper Mules
I obsessed over these! Finally ordered them even though they were pretty pricey. And you know what? I didn’t really like how they look on my feet.

Madewell Ryder Cardigan
Also, obsessed about this cardigan. It didn’t wow me.

J Crew Chino Shorts in Olive
I haven’t been able to find a replacement for a pair of olive shorts I had years ago. These were too long and too big. J Crew, stop messing with your sizes!

J Crew Leopard Sweater
Strangely unflattering.

J Crew Tippi Sweater in Rose
Not fantastic so I couldn’t justify it.

Rainbow Flip Flops
I heard these we the be all end all of sandals and that they are very comfortable (once broken in) but they just weren’t great in person.

Athleta Swim Top
I love that Athleta has a good return policy — like you can wear something and really try it out and then return it if it doesn’t work. This top was pretty but the fabric of the lining would shift and because it was a different color, it showed.

J.Crew Shorts
I loved these but decided the color wasn’t flattering. Too close to my skin color? Should have gotten the blue color. Also, they run very big. I sized down one size but should have sized down two.

L.L.Bean Cardigan
I bought this in store! But, I ultimately decided this wasn’t right for me. Usually if I don’t wear something right away, and often, it’s not as perfect as I thought. That’s two sweaters I bought and returned. The white cardigan quest continues.