I thought I was immune. I thought, “I won’t get sucked into the Fall mania, shopping for jeans and sweaters and boots.” But I did. Yesterday, I was at Nordstrom Rack, looking at all of them. But, I did not buy any! I tried on 2 pairs of denim from Madewell but they didn’t look right. And the few sweaters I tried, including a super soft black cardigan, were also no-go. Lastly, I looked at all the boots. Craving some clog boots, or possibly some Doc Marten or Blundstone boots.

Honestly, I have yet to really embrace Fall, I mean style-wise. I’m not putting much effort into getting dressed. Maybe that’s a good thing. I keep meaning to spend some time putting together outfits and getting inspired but I’ve been busy working, doing home reno and running middle schoolers around. Today, with those jean-craving feelings still lingering, I decided to try on all my denim. And non-denim. Are you excited? Well, here they are: my 17 pairs of pants.


I’m really happy with all my jeans especially the Lucky black ones. All the GAP jeans are faves as well as the Citizen of Humanity and Madewell pairs. The H&Ms don’t get chosen often but I think they look good. The one pair I might retire are the J. Crew ones, mostly because they’re so thin and rip more every time I wear them. Also they’re a little too low rise. I’ve gotten a ton of wear out of them in the 4 years I’ve owned them. The AG jeans are also starting to show wear and are a little too big (Skinny jeans aren’t supposed to be baggy, right?) I documented all my pants with the same white GAP t-shirt and my Lotta from Stockholm clogs, but many of these would look better with boots since they’re fairly cropped. I think the only addition I could make would be a pair of medium wash skinny jeans that really fit.


Now the “slacks”. Don’t you love that word. Or trousers. The first pair is from a great brand Scotch and Soda or Maison Scotch for the women’s line. They look good but are tight. They are a beautiful thin chino fabric. The Old Navy chinos are a lot more comfy. And then the Top Shop trousers are really too big and never get worn, but they seem so ideal. IDK. I’m torn about the Old Navy ochre-colored chinos. They feel good and are a nice change from all the blue and black. Definitely look better with different styling. The army green chinos are an old favorite, too big now, but can’t give them up. I’m warming up to the camo pants but don’t wear them with a tuck because they do a weird are-you-pregnant thing. And those plaid pants! Can’t wait for the holidays! Some of these won’t get worn much in Fall and Winter. Not sure what’s missing here.

What do you think? Should I add a new pair of jeans or stick with my Low Buy Challenge and wear what I have?

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