Years ago I read an article about how small changes can make a big difference. I wish I could find it but I wouldn’t even know what to search for. I did find this and after reading it, I decided to insert my own ideas: 


whole wheat english muffin instead of bagel

(I’d do cream cheese occasionally, but with tomato, or avocado, or hummus and tomato, or almond butter and banana)

greek yogurt instead of low fat milk with granola

(Definitely! Low fat dairy, milk or yogurt actually have a lot more sugar. And fat is not the enemy. Also, I make my own no-sugar granola.)

an orange instead of oj

(Or a grapefruit. Or a smoothie with frozen fruit, almond milk, spinach, etc.)

wrap instead of bread

(I hate wraps! Ugh. I think just very whole grain bread, maybe only half a sandwich.)

apple slices with cheese instead of crackers & cheese

(Absolutely! Apples with cheese or apples and peanut butter or almond butter. Or rice cakes with almond butter and thinly sliced apples.)

corn tortillas instead of flour

(Yes! I love corn tortillas.)

trail mix instead of mixed nuts

(They’re talking about less nuts which is good but I don’t know if popcorn and Chex are so great. I eat roasted almonds and cashews. I think a small amount, like what easily fits in your hand, is good. Not the whole container!)

dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate

(I LOVE dark chocolate. I’ve learned that 72% is my bitterness threshold. More and it’s too much. Also, I have very much gotten into the habit, when I eat sugar, to take only one serving.)

radishes instead of corn chips (on chili)

(Doesn’t anyone eat Fritos anymore?! I say easy on the tortilla chips and I’m just getting into radishes. We rarely buy sour cream. I’ve never tried greek yogurt instead. Also, easy on the cheese. Jalapeños add flavor and boost metabolism.)

iced vanilla latte instead of vanilla frappuccino

(OMG, back away from the Frappuccinos. So Much Sugar. I would probably just do iced coffee, a little cream and cinnamon.)

raisin bran instead of bran muffin

(I don’t care what a muffin has in it, a muffin is never low cal. Speaking of Raisin Bran, a bowl of Nature’s Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch cereal or Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch is the best thing ever, for breakfast or late night snack instead of ice cream.)

veggie/chevre omelet instead of ham/cheddar omelet

(Spinach or arugula and goat cheese scrambles are a staple in my house. Also, wherever possible swap ketchup for salsa or hot sauce.)

homemade parfait instead of pre-made

(I have long since steered clear of any kind of store bought yogurt concoction. They are all sugar. If possible I do whole plain greek yogurt with fresh fruit and homemade granola. I also love smoothie bowls!)

raisin toast instead of a cinnamon roll

(Cinnamon rolls are a huge cheat. Usually accompanied with a black coffee and some Swedish furniture. I say just enjoy it!)

pecans and yogurt on pancakes instead of syrup

(We only buy real syrup and use it sparingly. I eat pancakes pretty rarely but like them to be whole wheat or buckwheat and have a little butter and maybe bananas or no-sugar apple butter.)

pumpernickel bread instead of bagel with your cream cheese and salmon

(I love pumpernickel bread. I indulge in real cream cheese with my lox. Add tomato, cucumber, arugula. Yes!)

apples and honey on oatmeal instead of cream, brown sugar or nuts

(We buy Nature’s Path oatmeal, the flavored, sugary kind for the kids and I cook the plain stuff with frozen peaches or blackberries, a little butter, and some homemade no-sugar granola on top.)

bacon instead of sausage patties

(What? Well, ok. I say bacon once in a while, but can we all admit that bacon is not healthy? I agree, anything with very few ingredients is better. Also, have you ever tried an open face egg sandwich with arugula and smoked salmon instead of bacon. A-mazing.)

whole grain trail mix instead of regular

(It’s fun to mix your own, once in a while. Mini marshmallows, dark chocolate chips and annie’s bunny grahams. Mini pretzels, raisins, white morsels…)

ice cream sandwich instead of ice cream

(Ice cream sandwiches are natures perfect food! lol. Seriously, I suppose they do promote portion control.)

nutella on graham crackers instead of chocolate covered almonds

(Good idea. But remember, Nutella is not health food. It’s sugar and chocolate. and hazelnuts. Lots of parents give it to their kids on bread for breakfast. There’s the theory that sugar in the morning is better than before bed.)

lemonade and seltzer instead of lemon/lime soda

(I agree, start with seltzer — get a soda stream and make your own — then add just enough juice or lemonade to make it tasty.)

ricotta cheese and honey on flatbread (wasa?) instead of cheddar crackers

(Sounds good. I think I’ll try that. We switched from Cheesits to Annie’s cheddar squares. I don’t think they’re healthy, but it’s one of my favorite indulgences.)

edamame instead of peanuts

(No peanuts in our house because my daughter is allergic, but I think I will get back to having Edamame on hand!)


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