naked shins. it’s getting warmer

A perfect morning for a run. Very overcast but really warm. It looked like it was going to downpour any minute and I did not want to get my hair wet (I washed and straightened it yesterday and it was pretty perfect.) A serious dilemma.

I went out and it was lovely. Not one drop of rain until the very end. Still very happy about my recent fitness progress and sticking to healthy food choices and thrilled to wear capris for the first time this year!

So I did it and I was glad. On my run I thought a lot about how whenever I start to see a little progress, I tend to rest on my laurels. I slack. I cheat. I sabotage it. Do you do that? I tell myself, “Keep going. Build on what you did yesterday. You’ll be glad you did.”

And I am.

p.s. leftover roasted eggplant is awesome

p.s. leftover roasted eggplant is awesome