I finally ordered this pair of clogs, the Lotta from Stockholm “High Heel Classic Clog Tan” on March 11th and they arrived, all the way from Sweden, on March 21, so 10 days. (I might have checked the tracking number multiple times…) I have been pondering this purchase for a very long time, being very intentional about what I add to my wardrobe.

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I almost didn’t buy them. Before I did, because I would be paying for shipping both ways, and didn’t want to buy the wrong size, I emailed the company. They emailed me right back!


I’m wondering how narrow these are. I usually wear a US 8.5 because my foot is sort of wide, but fit well in a 38 in Troentorp and Birkenstock.

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Hi Leigh!

Thank you for getting in touch!

The general width of the widest part of the highwood shoe is 8cm (the ball of the foot) and the narrowest part (just by the heel) is 6.5 cm. Depending on the size of the shoe, this will vary by a couple of millimetres but is generally similar.

The general width of the widest part of the Lowwood shoe is 9cm (the ball of the foot) and the narrowest part (just by the heel) is 7.5 cm.

This is not the best style for a wide foot. If you would like a high heel, the Highwood clogs will fit better than High Heel Classic even if the base is exactly the same.

Do let me know if I can do anything else for you!

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I sort of decided then I wouldn’t get them. But then they kept calling to me. My desire for them never went away. If I was going to buy one new thing this season, it was a second pair of clogs. So, about a month later, I measured the width of some of my narrower shoes and decided that the “highwood” clog would fit me. Oh, my gosh. When they arrived and fit me perfectly, I was so thrilled! I really like to live on the edge. Haha. I love them and they are everything I have been wanting: classic style, brown leather, mid heel. (They are only $76.38 + S&H and run true to size.)

Before this pair, I bought the Troentorp Da Vinci in Dark Blue. I’ve had them for a year and a half and have worn them so much that I need to get them resoled. I was advised by a fellow clog-lover, “if you get them resoled before you get down to the wood, they’ll last a lifetime.” I had planned to take them to the cobbler right after I received the new pair but then we went into lock-down due to COVID-19. The Da Vinci are amazing. I love that they make me taller without being a high heel. I knew that my next pair would be a higher heel and the “High Heel Classic” are more like a mid-high heel and they are equally comfortable. My favorite thing about clogs are wearing them while I’m cooking. It’s no surprise so many chefs wear them. There’s something about them that give me confidence in the kitchen. But I do get nervous about spilling food on the new ones.

I’ve been wearing them for about a week now—mostly indoors. Yesterday I wore them to go to the grocery store. They are so comfortable, needing no break in period. They are so perfect.

Here are the ones I got plus three others I considered. I hope you have a chance to get yourself a pair if you’re looking.


Lotta from Stockholm  |  Sandgrens

No. 6  |  Swedish Hasbeens