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Some people have been giving me sh*t because I “never ride a real bike anymore.” I admitted this to my friend Jerry recently. But I have been taking spin almost weekly. (I LOVE SPIN. It’s like Jazzercise on a bike. Right?) That, he said, was even worse. He said, “Your 20 year old self wants to punch you in the face right now.” Okay, okay. I used to ride a lot. Mostly mountain biking, some road. I have other things going on now. Sorry.

But, to prove Jerry wrong, I bought this new bike and I am actually riding it. It’s not new-new, of course. It’s a 1952 Hawthorne. I bought it to take to the beach next month. We always rent beach cruisers (with tagalongs for the kids), but this year the kids will take their bikes, and Tim got a beach cruiser recently, so I just needed one. I used to have a JC Higgins back in CA that was the same vintage and I loved it. I always regretted selling it.

If you’re local and looking for a cool vintage bike, check out Carl’s place in the back of the Qmart.

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  1. Jerry Montgonery says:

    Yay!!!! I’m proud of you Leigh! Your 20 year old self is hugging you now. Somehow you just don’t get the same sense if freedom and liberation with the wind in your face……on a spin bike in a spin class. Fitness is great. Pedaling outside in the fresh air, going somewhere or nowhere, is always my preference. And for the record, in the winter here in Seattle, I plan to incorporate some SPIN classes, because this brother don’t ride in the rain and believes that fenders on bicycles is a sin against nature. 😉

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