Low Buy: My Rules and How I’ve Done So Far

I don't know exactly what day in January I officially committed to doing the "Low Buy Challenge" but here we are, one week into February and I feel like I've done well so far. In my last post I talked about why I was doing it, who inspired me, and what clothes I...

Low Buy Challenge

https://youtu.be/cAmFYPn12Ac a new challenge I've decided to make an effort to buy as few clothing items as possible this year. These last two years I did "A year of Shopping Responsibly" and then "New Wardrobe Additions" posts to help me be more accountable about...

New Wardrobe Additions: December

  I'm wrapping up my series on new clothing purchases with the last month in 2019. I'll be creating some new content for 2020 — things like responsible consumption, second hand shopping and styling old clothes in new ways. Here's what I added in December:...

Book Club 5

Books I've read, and what I liked:   The Courage to Be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi And Fumitake Koga  My friend Jenny recommended this and I bought it on iBooks. I thought it was going to be a book about setting boundaries, but it really wasn't. I have to say I...

Most Popular Outfit Searches

Google released its "2019 Year in Search" covered in the CNN article here which listed the most Googled outfit related searches. So, what are they, and do I care? Egirl/Eboy is basically 80s punk with a little 90s grunge mixed in. How cute are these kids with their...

Short, Black & Pointy

How I describe the perfect boots. They weren't easy to find. I looked and looked. I finally chose the Madewell ones but they did not have a pointed toe! I thought I was okay with that, but it turns out I wasn't. So I sent them back. The final-final choice was the Cole...


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