It’s amazing how well my #lowbuy experiment has gone so far this year. I first heard about the idea from Signe at The goal is to commit to a year of limiting clothing purchases, to buy second hand, sustainable or not at all. It has really changed the way I think about new purchases and how I spend money in general. Here’s everything I’ve added this year:


Leopard Sweater | J. Crew (used from Poshmark) $39

I bought this sweater over a year ago (full retail: $89.50) and decided I didn’t love the way it fit so I returned it. Then, in January, I found it on Poshmark and decided it was a good deal and would be a good addition to my wardrobe. I had been wanting a leopard sweater for a while. It turned out that the seller had machine-washed it (on gentle, but it was hand wash only) and had shrunk it. I decided to not make a big deal out of it. I kept it and never wore it. I’ve since donated it. Such a bummer, but it really reinforced the idea that buying clothes does not me happy.


No additions.


High Heel Clog in Tan | Lotta from Stockholm $81

These clogs were a really good purchase. I already had one pair of clogs, low heel, in navy and wanted a higher heel in a lighter color. I waited a long time before finally decided to buy this second pair of clogs. I really adore clogs and wear them all the time. It feels good to choose something you love even though it isn’t necessarily trendy, and to learn what your true style is. This was my first time purchasing from Lotta and I would highly recommend them! #cloglife

High Rise Cheeky Strait Jeans | GAP $40

Another thing I had been wanting for a while is a pair of white jeans. I looked a a lot of options, ordered and returned one pair from Madewell and then tried these from the GAP and they were perfect. I am happy to see styles moving from skinny to strait. I love the silhouette of the high waist and wider, cropped leg. And they are so comfortable.


No additions.


No additions.


Striped Tee Dress | Old Navy $21

Okay, so, as soon as stores opened up, I went shopping with my daughter and although I had previously pinned this on my wish list board, it was kind of an impulse buy. Did I need another dress? No. Another navy colored dress? Definitely no. But I love it. And I reach for it all the time, which in my opinion is the best indication that something was a good choice.

The Haul | Nordstrom Rack $86

So, everything had been going great… then I went to Nordstrom Rack with a friend when they first opened back up. I grabbed a bunch of things, then learned I couldn’t try anything on, so I decided to just check out and try them on at home. I paid for my haul and then they stamped my receipt, “FINAL SALE.” I could have died. I had no idea they were having a clearance sale. I wasn’t paying attention. I was not happy. I didn’t feel excited that everything was 50% off. I just felt sad, like, I didn’t need any of this stuff and I don’t even want it in my closet. So, I accidentally added a Nike sports bra, a Calvin Klein bralette, 4 Madewell t-shirts, a white Madewell cardigan and a pair of camouflage pants! They all fit me fine and I will use them, but I wish I had never gone on that shopping trip.

That’s all. That’s what I added. I am amazed how little I bought, and more so, how little I wanted to buy! It has been such a transformation. (Granted, the pandemic was a big contributor to my not shopping)

I now know, that when I really focus on what I truly want, and what clothing is really me, it’s very minimal. I enjoy the good choices, and I enjoy what I already have.