Ah, jackets. Time to think about them again. Time to shop for more? Or not. I first wanted to see what I have. I think my favorite, or the one I’m most looking forward to being able to throw on is this buffalo plaid popover from J. Crew.


Next is an army green utility jacket from H&M. It’s lightweight (not warm) but cute and goes good with jeans.


I’ve got my new oversized jean jacket from Madewell. Love it. Get it here.


Another lightweight utility jacket from H&M. This doesn’t get a lot of wear but it just feels like me, so it’s good. I think I’m attached to it because it feels very Swedish and reminds me of my friend Madeline Lundberg.


A grey on white leopard print fleece from Old Navy. Every time I go through a closet clean out I think I should get rid of this, then I put it on and I love it. It’s especially perfect as a coverup to go to the gym. I don’t know why I don’t reach for it more.


Trench coat from Target. Why don’t I look like all the street style photos I see on Pinterest? I might have to accept that I don’t look good in a trench coat. I’m also starting to realize that masculine jackets maybe look better over feminine outfits (dresses).


Utility parka from the GAP. I’m letting go of this finally. It’s nice but I never wear it. Buy it from my Poshmark closet here.


And this black leather jacket from Lucky Brand. I don’t know if it’s the leather jacket look or this particular one. I used to have a vinyl one from H&M that I wore all the time. Buy it from my Poshmark closet here.


Lastly is this bomber from the GAP. It’s terribly warm and has a bright orange lining. It’s a keeper.


So that’s all my jackets. I think I probably have enough.