the beach. day four.

tuesday was very rainy but then became gloriously sunny at the end of the day. nora and i rode our bikes to get smoothies. since playa bowls was out, we went to pure juice + kitchen which has great avocado toast and gets the win for being peanut-free.

number two on the list of things to do when it rains at the beach is the air force museum but we opted for mini golf and the arcade. our favorite mini golf is pirate golf in avalon. i personally loath mini golf but it’s tradition.

lunch was pizza at nemo’s. it’s GOOD. and the owner is the friendliest guy.

tim and nora went to the library to see if nora could check out a book. that girl reads like her life depends on it and i couldn’t be prouder. turns out they were able to get a library card. they borrowed two books and two dvds. and tim ended up selling a bundle of HIS books to the librarian. check out tucker and zoey here.

i went shopping by myself for a bit. my current favorite store is people people. it is full of beautiful beachy dresses and tons of luscious brands i’ve never gotten to experience in person, like agolde, apiece apart, the great, solid and striped, emerson fry, etc. there was a group of well-to-do jersey women who were having so much fun picking out things for each other and insisting they buy them. it made me with i had all my girlfriends with me.

when i got back from shopping, i joined the family at the beach. it was perfect now but getting late.

finally, we had dinner at quahogs. it’s very pricey but so, so good. calamari, plantains, blackened fish…

for dessert we went to wawa and bought pints of ice cream. we ended the day by watching pirates of the caribbean.

the beach. day three.

monday was the perfect day, sunny and slightly cool. we spent a lot of time on the beach. and once again, my habit of haphazard sunscreen application left be with an embarrassing sunburn.

the kids dug a giant hole. tim sculpted a horseshoe crab. i read my book, the island of sea women. and british vogue.

the kids bored of the beach long before us adults so for a little while we were on our own. it’s the first year they’ve gone off on their own on bikes. the day before, they went to playa bowls but it was closed today.

for as beautiful as it was, i really didn’t take many photos. which makes it hard to remember what we did. i know we decided to grill burgers at home and ran out of propane. and we went to the buckaneer to get ice cream. i found a cool wall outside vineyard vines.

the beach. day two.

our second day at the shore was a rainy one. it should not be allowed to rain when i’m on vacation. i went for a walk when i got up and then made breakfast.

since it wouldn’t be a good beach day we chose to go to the cape may lighthouse. it’s fun to do educational things with teenagers (right?) plus i realized, never have i ever been inside of a lighthouse! it was 199 steps to the top. the website said it was free but it turned out to be $12 per person. we also paid to get flattened pennies with the lighthouse pressed onto them.

after the lighthouse we went down to the beach for a little bit. nora went in the ocean. jack and tim threw a football. i went for a walk.

oh, and we finally stopped at the little road side place that sells key lime pie.

sunday night we decided to go to our favorite mexican place, tortilla flat. we rode our bikes to avalon and found it was permanently closed. our next choice, right around the corner was tonio’s seafood which has a cute little patio. we found a vacant lot! so ultimately we rode all the way back home and made barbecue chicken with baked potatoes and green beans. and key lime pie for dessert!

the beach. day one.

it’s finally here! beach week. my family and i have been staying at the same place, renting the same beach house, since our kids were babies.

it’s in stone harbor, new jersey. a quiet little strip of a town just north of wildwood. there’s no boardwalk and only a few shops and restaurants. every house is only a couple blocks from the beach. it’s pretty perfect.

we arrived on an overcast day and after we unloaded all the car, we headed down to the beach. when we first arrive we go straight to the ocean, no chairs or umbrellas or even towels. we just go and say hello.

we’re here early this year. it’s the first week available to rent the house. the water is not warm. there’s hardly anyone on the beach. the lifeguards are on duty, though.

after checking out the beach, we ride our bikes into town. my sister-in-law told me one of our favorite restaurants, jack’s shack had closed but we had to see for ourselves. there was a new poke bowl place though. after checking out the old and the new shops, we buy a bike pump and head back to the house.

this year i decided to pack a ton of food, to cook and eat healthy. it’s good that i did because so many restaurants aren’t open. some have limited hours because it’s so early in the season and some are just gone. but on our first night we go to fred’s and get burgers. afterwards we ride our bikes around and catch the sunset.

Dr. Martens 1460 Mono Boot Review

Dr. Martens 1460 Mono Boot Review

I got the Dr. Martens 1460 Mono boots back in October. After going through all my boots to assure myself I did not need another pair of boots, I started to think maybe I did. There was one style I really loved and kept thinking about: the black, chunky, lug-sole boot.

I asked for a some for my birthday and received a very nice pair of black lace-up combat boots with side zips. They were really good but too small in my usual 8.5 size. Lisa Vicky Promise boots: Nordstrom Rack

Then, I was in Nordstrom Rack and saw the Docs. They were on sale for $120 (originally $150) so I snatched them up. I did have doubts. First of all, the leather was very stiff. I wondered if they weren’t real leather. They are. But they seemed oddly plastic-y. I read a review that said they take a while to break in. You’re not kidding. I suffered a bad blister because I wore them with socks that were too short and the top edge carved a hole in my shin! Also, I wished they had a side zip so I don’t have to lace them up every time I put them on. I kept the first pair for a while comparing and contrasting them with the Docs and ultimately decided to just keep the Dr. Martens.

The sizing was a little tricky. I am almost always an 8.5, but Dr. Martens don’t come in half sizes. I went down to an 8 and that even felt quite roomy. But 7s would have been too small. I accepted that they’re a little big. I have room to wear thick socks. (I tried adding an insole but that made them too tight.) Now that they’re broken in a bit, I am happy with them. They are perfect for winter, keep my feet warm, are very rain repellent, and are comfy for walking. Dr. Martens 1460 Mono boots: Nordstrom Rack

I do want to share that I think the Dr. Martens 1460 Mono boots might possibly come in a different kind of leather. The ones at Nordstrom (not Nordstrom Rack) seem to be in a softer leather based on the reviews. Dr. Martens 1460 Mono boots: Nordstrom 

They are also available direct through the manufacturer. You could get them there for the same price as Nordstrom. Dr. Martens 1460 Mono boots: Dr. Martens

So, I am very happy with my decision. I always wanted a pair of classic Dr. Martens. I remember when I first saw them back in the 90s in a store in San Francisco. I could not afford them then, besides, I wasn’t sure I could pull them off, if I was punk rock enough. I still worry I’m not cool enough for them. I do think they look good. And  they’re surprisingly easy to style. I kind of love them with everything. I will also mention that until I heard about the “mono” I was hesitant with the Docs because I wasn’t crazy about the signature yellow stitching. The mono boots have black stitching. I suppose I should have explained that at the beginning. LOL. I learned this from Brittany Bathgate and originally considered getting the oxfords she has. Brittany Bathgate YouTube shoe review (timestamp 13:45) |  Dr. Martens 1461 Mono oxfords: Dr. Martens