As you may know, I’m working on a low-buy challenge this year. Since I last wrote about it at the end of June, I have bought only a few items.

Madewell Camp Shorts

I LOVE these shorts. They are decadently HIGH-WAISTED and that is everything to me right now. I want them in white but they’re sold out now. I sized down a size. My original inspiration was these by The Great.

Nike Icon Clash Shorts

I’m such a minimalist. I go for solid black… or white. So explain to me why I chose these crazy patterned shorts? Other than they had them in my size and they were flattering. Uh, also, they match the weird sports bra I bought back in June.

Nike Swim Top

Ha ha. I bought this to go with the above shorts. Only it’s not a sports bra. It’s a swim top. I actually found the matching bottoms but they were a no-go. So, I figured, this was a two-fer. I can wear it to workout in or to swim. (I had not yet realized I had already bought the matching Icon Clash Bra.)


That’s it! One pair of shorts and one workout outfit. And workout clothes don’t even really count when we’re talking wardrobe additions, right? Right?

I keep looking through my closet and browsing online and I keep coming back to the thought that: I DON’T NEED ANY MORE CLOTHES. Sorry for shouting. I could have just bolded or italicized that. Maybe I’ve just been too busy to shop. Cleaning out the basement, going to the beach, kids starting back to school, training a puppy. I’m just living my life, you know?

But, here are a couple very carefully selected items I might buy this Fall.


I’ve been wanting these for a while. It would be a splurge. I’ve heard you can give them your measurements and they will work with you to find the perfect fit. Did I hear that from another blogger? Or did I dream that?

Babaa Cardigan

Oh, the elusive perfect white cardigan! I think I should just go ahead and get this really nice one.

Everlane Grey Cashmere Turtleneck

I may finally pull the trigger on this sweater. Haven’t found another I like better.


And probably a pair of clog boots. 😉